The QA Health Day in 2023

As part of our internal sports and health offerings, the QA Health Day on June 30, 2023, invited all interested colleagues to participate on our three office floors and in the garden area.

The day began with expert individual ergonomic advice at the workstations from specialists at the Walheim Health Center. The focus here was on the correct adjustment of desk, monitor and office chair. The environmental conditions, such as illumination, desk position in the room and temperature, were also analyzed. 

In the sunny early afternoon, a good dozen motivated and sports-minded colleagues went to the adjacent garden for professionally guided physical exercise. The sports program, which was individually adapted to QA, included a short warm-up program and a circuit with endurance and strengthening exercises. Finally, the muscles were stretched and loosened.

After the sports program, the health day ended with a barbecue event and a social get-together. Under the skilled hands of our management team, a selection of perfectly prepared meat delights was created on the grill, rounded off by delicious salads and cool drinks.Our Health Day 2023 documents our appreciation, mutual respect and the unchanged high importance of a work-life balance for the QA team.

Please find more information about the Walheim Health Center on the website