Process optimization tailored to your company

Use our modular ERP system to map and optimize business processes

With QAen­ter­prise, you can effi­cient­ly map your busi­ness process­es and plan and man­age all your resources in a time­ly and needs-based man­ner. Use QAen­ter­prise to col­lect, store, man­age and ana­lyze the var­i­ous data from numer­ous areas of your com­pa­ny in order to make your oper­a­tional val­ue cre­ation process­es more effi­cient and to con­tin­u­ous­ly opti­mize the man­age­ment of busi­ness and oper­a­tional processes.

Open software product for your requirements

Spurred on by our own need for a flex­i­ble and con­stant­ly expand­able solu­tion, we devel­oped QAen­ter­prise, a mod­u­lar ERP sys­tem. We do not see our ERP sys­tem as a ready-made soft­ware prod­uct off-the-shelf, but as a frame­work that is adapt­ed and filled with func­tions in coop­er­a­tion with our cus­tomers. This makes it pos­si­ble to tai­lor QAen­ter­prise pre­cise­ly to the process­es and require­ments of our cus­tomers — a tai­lor-made soft­ware solu­tion espe­cial­ly for small and medi­um-sized companies.

The sys­tem’s stan­dard func­tions include appli­ca­tions for per­son­nel and project man­age­ment, tools for man­ag­ing mate­ri­als and resources, cap­i­tal and bal­ance sheets as well as solu­tions for mar­ket­ing and sales. Process­es that were not pre­vi­ous­ly asso­ci­at­ed with con­ven­tion­al ERP sys­tems can also be quick­ly mapped and inte­grat­ed. For exam­ple, some of our cus­tomers use the sys­tem to record and ana­lyze data from phys­i­cal pro­duc­tion process­es with the aim of process opti­miza­tion or to con­trol the web store or ware­house management.

Integrations and interfaces

We have already imple­ment­ed a large num­ber of inte­gra­tions and inter­faces for our cus­tomers, such as hand scan­ners for ware­house or time record­ing or label print­ers for sim­ple label­ing. We also offer indi­vid­ual inter­faces to arti­cle data­bas­es, finan­cial account­ing, CRM sys­tems or time record­ing systems.

Optimal process evaluation

Busi­ness process­es can be eval­u­at­ed in a tar­get­ed man­ner using graph­i­cal­ly pre­pared sta­tis­tics. Com­pa­ny tar­gets can also be defined in the form of bud­gets and tracked over long peri­ods of time.  The data­base is encrypt­ed and pro­tect­ed using the lat­est meth­ods and can be oper­at­ed both in a client-serv­er archi­tec­ture and stand-alone in your IT infrastructure.

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  • Project man­age­ment
  • Mate­r­i­al & Resources
  • Cap­i­tal & Bal­ance Sheets
  • Mar­ket­ing & Sales
  • Human Resources Management
  • Import/Export
  • Mea­sure­ment Data Management

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