Seal of quality “Made in Aachen”: Quality Automation awarded

We are delighted to announce that Quality Automation GmbH has been awarded the prestigious “Made in Aachen” seal of quality by the Wirtschaftsvereinigung Industrie-Dialog Aachen. This prestigious award recognizes companies that stand out for their outstanding quality and innovation and show great commitment to the Aachen city region.

As a training company, we actively contribute to securing skilled workers in our region and support young, motivated people. Through cooperation with Aachen universities and numerous projects with regional companies, we strengthen the attractiveness of the StädteRegion Aachen as a business location. This collaboration enables us to develop and implement innovative ideas that sustainably advance both our region and the local economy.

Together with the companies Procoplast – A Methode Electronics Company and Siemens AG Aachen branch, we received the seal of approval. The award was presented by Dr. Tim Grüttemeier, member of the Aachen City Council, and Dagmar Wirtz from 3WIN Maschinenbau GmbH, spokesperson for the Aachen Industry Dialogue. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the two award-winning companies and thank them for the inspiring evening.

Special thanks go to Jörn Seemann, Managing Director of DYNA-MESS Prüfsysteme GmbH, for his wonderful and appreciative laudatory speech at the award ceremony on Wednesday, June 5, 2024. His words touched us and encouraged us in our commitment.

Our thanks go in particular to our dedicated team, whose commitment and passion have made it possible for Quality Automation to be perceived in the region as a strong partner for industrial services and to stand for quality and outstanding service. This award is a recognition of their continuous efforts and an incentive for all of us to continue to strive for excellence.

With this honor, we feel motivated to continue to drive our innovations forward and enrich the StädteRegion Aachen with our work. We are determined to continue making a positive contribution in the future and to actively shape the development of our region with our expertise and ideas.

The Aachener Zeitung newspaper also reported on our award in a detailed article, further highlighting our commitment and successes. We are grateful for the support and recognition from the local press and for making the article available. You can view it here.