Machine connectivity

Regardless of whether it is an existing system or a modern system with various control systems: We will find a solution tailored to your system. Without long downtimes or cost-intensive IT projects, we record all the machine data relevant to you and forward it to a higher-level IT system. We adapt to your existing machine and IT infrastructure to make integrating the new system as easy as possible for you.

Realise the power of your data

The transparency of your system is paramount and gives you a decisive competitive advantage. Obtain comprehensive information on faults, downtimes, system runtimes and reject quantities and optimize your production. The storage of production and process data, assigned to a specific batch or order, enables you to trace unexpected production errors (traceability).

It is a sign of quality and often also a legal requirement that you can record information on every process step of your product and store it for several years. Use machine connectivity to create intelligent and networked production and pave your way towards Industry 4.0 and IoT.

What are the requirements?

The first step is to connect the system to the company network. Many control systems already have corresponding interfaces, and there are also various options for retrofitting older control systems. In addition to the interface, the transition from OT (Operational Technology) to IT (Information Technology) is also of particular importance.

Most modern control systems already have one of the most important communication protocols: OPC UA. If this is not integrated in an older control system, it can be retrofitted using external hardware, an OPC UA gateway or OPC UA server. Ask us about your options and let us advise you without obligation.

In addition to advice, our services naturally also include the installation, configuration and documentation of the respective solution.

Digitalisation & Industry 4.0 - Our services

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Dr. Timo Minartz
Head of Application Development