Assem­bly manufacturing

Spe­cial require­ments can­not always be imple­ment­ed with con­ven­tion­al automa­tion sys­tems. The Elec­tron­ics depart­ment of Qual­i­ty Automa­tion GmbH from Stol­berg near Aachen clos­es this gap and inte­grates cus­tomized elec­tron­ic assem­blies into the automa­tion process, which can be pro­to­types as well as small series. Thus, it offers you the opti­mal solu­tion to achieve joint­ly defined goals.

Assembly production at the highest level

Electronics development
  • Cir­cuit design
  • Com­po­nent selection
  • Print­ed cir­cuit board unbundling
  • Soft­ware devel­op­ment for microcontrollers

The cir­cuit dia­gram is cre­at­ed with the CAD tool EAGLE. After analysing the prob­lem, a pure hard­ware solu­tion or the use of a micro­con­troller may be appropriate.

Assembly production
  • Mate­r­i­al pur­chas­ing for more flexibility
  • Pro­duc­tion of pro­to­types and small series
  • SMD assem­bly
  • THT assem­bly
  • Func­tion test
  • Assem­bly and com­mis­sion­ing at the customer

After opti­cal inspec­tion, all man­u­fac­tured assem­blies are sub­ject­ed to an elec­tri­cal func­tion test. Depend­ing on the com­plex­i­ty and quan­ti­ty, auto­mat­ed test sys­tems are used for this pur­pose. After pro­duc­tion and func­tion test in the lab­o­ra­to­ry, the sys­tem is inte­grat­ed at the place of use, if required and depend­ing on the appli­ca­tion, and test­ed again under real con­di­tions before delivery.

Repairs, repair service for our assemblies

Qual­i­ty Automa­tion GmbH also pro­vides a sup­port ser­vice after deliv­ery of the sys­tems. Defec­tive assem­blies are repaired and returned to the cus­tomer ful­ly test­ed. Long-term sup­port can be guar­an­teed by keep­ing spe­cial com­po­nents and test sys­tems in stock.

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