Success Story – Getriebeprüfstand mit LabView und Bosch-Rexroth Servos

Success Story

Trans­mis­sion test bench with Lab­View and Bosch-Rexroth servos

By the com­bi­na­tion Lab View and Bosch Rexroth com­plex sys­tem struc­tures can be devel­oped. This exam­ple shows a test bench with remark­able performance.

Test bench up to 15000 Nm

The com­pa­ny Schmahl pro­duces gears for con­struc­tion equip­ment that has to be pro­duced exact­ly due to spe­cial demands. In order to avoid pro­duc­tion- and mate­r­i­al defects a test bench was devel­oped in coop­er­a­tion between the com­pa­nies Schmahl, Bosch Rexroth and Qual­i­ty Automa­tion on which you let up to 15000 Nm sink in. The test bench is con­struct­ed in that way, that the dri­ve and the out­puts of elec­tri­cal motors are simulated.

Dri­ve and adjust­ment con­trol with the MLD of Bosch Rexroth

The MLD of Bosch Rexroth dri­ves and con­trols the motors, in doing so it serves also as SPS and con­trols e.g. the hydraulic sys­tem and gath­ers mea­sur­ing val­ues via ana­logue inputs. The pow­er ele­ment of the IndraDrive series con­sists of a sup­ply unit, two inter­me­di­ate cir­cle resis­tors and con­trol equip­ment for each motor. The capac­i­ty of the sup­ply unit comes to 120 KW, the motors have a nom­i­nal load of in total 141 KW. The MLD as cen­tral dri­ve and con­trol equip­ment is con­nect­ed with the con­trol units, the I/Os und the ana­logue units via Ser­cos Bus.

TCP con­nects the systems

The test bench is visu­al­ized by a Lab­View appli­ca­tion that com­mu­ni­cates with the MLD via TCP/IP. The motors and all con­trol com­po­nents can be con­trolled sep­a­rate­ly dur­ing the ser­vice oper­a­tion. A test cycle is pre­pared with this appli­ca­tion and saved in a data bank. This is pro­vid­ed in that way that the con­trol pro­grams are put in by the qual­i­ty assur­ance and that the sin­gle gears can be test­ed by the oper­a­tor via an order admin­is­tra­tion. The data of the test cycle con­tain dri­ving speed, full load as well as tem­per­a­ture, dis­tance mea­sure­ment and an impact sound mea­sure­ment. These data can be saved in the data bank in a cycle of 10ms.

All from one source

The project was realised exclu­sive­ly by Qual­i­ty Automa­tion except the mechan­i­cal works. It includes the elec­tri­cal con­struc­tion, the con­struc­tion of switch­board cab­i­nets, the soft­ware for the MLD and the Lab­View application.

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QA Mitarbeiter Christoph Lutterbach
Christof Lutterbach
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Wolfgang Schmahl GmbH & Co KG

In the past 40 years the Zahnradfabrik Nevilles developes from a one-man-company to highly specialised manufacturers of gear wheels and gears that are used worldwide. Today the company Schmahl employes nearly 120 employees on a production area of 7.000 qm. From the very beginning the company specialised on the production of gear wheels and parts of gears with highest demands to accuracy as well as the mounting of complete gears.