Success Story Geometrie Kontrolle

Success Story

Man­u­al geom­e­try check for exact measurement

Mea­sur­ing method (Box-sys­tem)

In that case the mea­sur­ing object should offer a defined posi­tion and should not exceed spe­cif­ic lim­its. In case of a man­u­al check a car lamp is put into the mea­sur­ing equip­ment and the coil posi­tion as well as the coil size is checked with the help of a red pic­tured box. The coil is pho­tographed from both sides (0° and 90°) in order to check the posi­tion in all levels.

The opti­cal mea­sure­ment of prod­ucts is an essen­tial part of pro­duc­tion: an intu­itive mea­sur­ing equip­ment via Lab­View with dig­i­tal cameras.

Lab­View appli­ca­tion with Vision components

The Lab­View appli­ca­tion runs on a PC that is again equipped by a firewire card of Nation­al Instru­ments. Pic­tures of the cam­eras are con­tin­u­ous­ly tak­en and shown on a mon­i­tor. In the start­ing pic­ture of the appli­ca­tion dif­fer­ent prod­uct types can be cho­sen, every prod­uct has its own val­ues for the box-sys­tem. The posi­tion can be adjust­ed in a cal­i­bra­tion lev­el by means of a groove that mea­sures the ref­er­ence mea­sure­ments. There the val­ues for the dif­fer­ent prod­uct types can be record­ed and new prod­uct types can be estab­lished. All val­ues are record­ed in files and can also be edit­ed by using oth­er programs.

Pos­si­ble exten­sion variants

This sys­tem can cer­tain­ly be extend­ed and can be used for sev­er­al or oth­er prod­ucts. A con­nec­tion to a data bank is also pos­si­ble. By that prod­uct data can be record­ed from anoth­er place respec­tive­ly mea­sur­ing pro­to­cols can be released. Via a local print­er mea­sure­ment pro­to­cols can be print­ed out imme­di­ate­ly at the sys­tem. A com­mu­ni­ca­tion with oth­er con­trol sys­tems via TCP/IP is also pos­si­ble to change para­me­ter in a pro­duc­tion line.

Flex­i­ble struc­tur­ing by wide range experience

The team of Qual­i­ty Automa­tion GmbH relies on wide range expe­ri­ence to real­ize a flex­i­ble inte­gra­tion of the sys­tems for the customer.

Contact Person
QA Mitarbeiter Christoph Lutterbach
Christof Lutterbach
Software developer
Specializations: Control Engineering, Machine Vision
Our philosophy

Only if our systems are integrated at the customer completely they develop their entire performance potential. Therefore it is important for us that our customers are integrated in the process from the very first day of the project carry out. Communication is about it the most important connecting part between us and our customers.