Success Story – Retrofit eines Stulpenmontageautomaten – nachher

Success Story

Retrofit of a mounting automat

Comparison of the status before and after carried out modernization


The target was the complete moderni-zation of a stock plant for the production of sealing covers of the drive shaft manufacturing. The plant arose in the eighties. The lifetime of all components was exceed-ed and it becomes necessary to update the plant to the best available technology.

Mechanical modernization

The equipment was deconstructed in all single parts and all wear parts of the plant (journals, connectors, sealing gaskets, gear rings and guiding shafts) were replaced. The existing plant lubrication was changed to a semi-fluid lubrication with distributors. By using new cylinders and corresponding valve controls the pneumatic system was modernized all around. A higher plant dynamic was achieved by using servo drives.

Electrical modernization

It becomes necessary to replace the electrical plant installation including switchboard cabinet and servicing level completely. All safety functions were realized by the use of safety control and corresponding drive controllers. Via transponder technology the manipulation of movable guards was prevented. An image processing system was applied for the quality control of different product types.

Process optimization and visualization

Via visualization tailored to the plant an operator guided control as well as an optimal process supervision of all plant conditions were realized.

CE and dokumentation

Based on the new conformity declaration of the plant it becomes necessary to prepare an extensive documentation including risk evaluation according to appendix VII of the EC machinery directive.

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Christian Franssen, ppa.
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