Success Story – Retrofit einer Krempel-Anlage

Success Story

Retro­fit of a card­ing machine

Complete technical plant overhaul and optimization of an existing plant.


The goal was the com­plete mod­ern­iza­tion of an exist­ing plant pro­duc­ing woven felts for use in the paper indus­try. The machine con­sist­ing of shred­der, box feed­er, coarse and fine card, and a cross lap­per came from the 80s. The life­time of all com­po­nents was exceed­ed and the sys­tem had to be brought up to the state of the art.

Mechan­i­cal modernization

The machine was dis­as­sem­bled into all indi­vid­ual parts and all wear­ing parts of the sys­tem were replaced. Pre­vi­ous­ly chain-linked move­ments were decou­pled by using sin­gle-ser­vo dri­ves. The numer­ous new engines and gear­box­es had to be adapt­ed to the exist­ing plant. All trans­mis­sions were rebuilt on tim­ing belts.

Elec­tri­cal modernization

It was nec­es­sary to replace the com­plete elec­tri­cal machine instal­la­tion, includ­ing the con­trol cab­i­net and oper­at­ing lev­el. All safe­ty func­tions were imple­ment­ed by using a safe­ty con­trol and cor­re­spond­ing dri­ve controllers.

Process opti­miza­tion and visualization

By means of a visu­al­iza­tion spe­cial­ly tai­lored to the plant, a user-con­trolled con­trol sys­tem as well as an opti­mal process mon­i­tor­ing of all plant con­di­tions could be real­ized. By sep­a­rat­ing the dri­ve tech­nol­o­gy into 30 syn­chro­nous­ly oper­at­ed ser­vo dri­ves, the flex­i­bil­i­ty and dynam­ics of the sys­tem has been increased.


The exist­ing oper­at­ing instruc­tions of the sys­tem have been added. New CAD draw­ings of the plant were cre­at­ed. It was nec­es­sary to pre­pare a risk assess­ment in accor­dance with the Machin­ery Directive.


The numer­ous mea­sures result­ing from the assess­ment and addi­tion­al pro­tec­tion devices had to be imple­ment­ed mechan­i­cal­ly and elec­tri­cal­ly. This increased the safe­ty of the sys­tem many times over.

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QA Geschäftsführer Christian Franssen
Christian Franssen, ppa.
Electrical Engineer
Specializations: Electrical Engineering, machine safety regulations, project management
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