Success Story

Dany Reinartz, M.Sc. is Cer­ti­fied PROFINET Installer

Quality Automation qualifies its staff, Mr. Reinartz successfully participates in the training „PROFINET Commissioning and Troubleshooting with certificate “Certified PROFINET Installer“ of the company Softing.

The trans­fer from Profibus to Profinet is clear­ly seen. We, the com­pa­ny Qual­i­ty Automa­tion GmbH, already have expe­ri­ence in the con­cept, the instal­la­tion and trou­bleshoot­ing of Profibus instal­la­tions since many years. The change to Profinet is already done, almost all new devices or mod­i­fi­ca­tions are equipped with Profinet. Our plan­ning, instal­la­tion and com­mis­sion­ing of Profinet net­works are done with great care.

In order to advise our cus­tomer pro­fes­sion­al­ly in case of Profinet com­mis­sion­ing, mea­sure­ments and trou­bleshoot­ing also in future we train our staff. The train­ing imparts the fol­low­ing items:

  • Intro­duc­tion in prin­ci­ples of data trans­fer with Eth­er­net and the PROFINET IO-specification
  • Cor­rect installation
  • Earth­ing and EMV-questions
  • Con­fig­u­ra­tion and com­mis­sion­ing of a PROFINET-network
  • Equip­ment change /equipment launch
  • PROFINET Realtime_CLASS_1 (RT) and (Realtime_CLASS_3 (IRT)
  • Obser­va­tion to the time response of PROFINET IO
  • Ben­e­fit of GSDML-data files for PROFINET IO-equipment
  • Mea­sure­ment equip­ment and implements
  • Recog­ni­tion of interferences

Mr. Reinartz passed the exam to the „Cer­ti­fied PROFINET Installer“ at the end of the train­ing. He is now offi­cial­ly cer­ti­fied by the PNO.

This is also con­firmed by the web­side of the PNO. Please fol­low this link:

The con­tent of the train­ing and the con­clud­ing exam was inter­na­tion­al­ly cer­ti­fied by PROFIBUS/PROFINET.

Contact Person
QA Mitarbeiter Dany Reinartz
Dany Reinartz, M.Sc.
Software Engineer
Specializations: Control Engineering, Profibus and Profinet analysis.

The Softing AG located in Haar is a listed German enterprise that developes and produces hard- as well as software for the industrial automation and automotive electronics. Softing was founded in 1979 as enginering office.

Instructor: Ulrich Decher
Trainer & Consultant, Industrial

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