Image processing


In the field of contactless measuring systems Quality Automation provides its experiences regarding surface analysis, geometry checks, directional fabric checks and attendance checks. In case of Keyence-systems we have different additional products at our disposal that should simplify the installation and the use of these systems.

For the realization of the applications area scanning cameras as well as line scanning cameras are applied. In case of restricted space problems also mini cameras are used.

In order to guarantee the functional reliability in afterwards operation the technical preparation of a feasibility study before installation in the process run is always possible. By using a test setup the study is prepared in our test laboratory and possible realization alternatives are prepared.

Standard holder for Keyence-cameras
The standard holder for Keyence-cameras offers a quick installation and adjusting of the camera. By using micrometer screws a quick and accurate adjustment in x- and y-direction as well as a 360° rotation of the camera is possible at any time and creates a time saving for later adjustments.

Technical data

  • External dimensions (LxBxH)(mm): 90 x 119,3 x 215
  • Possibility of adjustment in y-direction (mm): +- 35mm
  • Material: Aluminium

Standard mask for Keyence-systems

The standard mask for Keyence systems creates an alternative to the in-house Keyence mask as HMI- application. It offers advantages in the menu selection and fault indication leading to an improved clearness of machine data and conditions.

In case that the measuring system has to be adjusted in a while measuring fields or lines can be edited and saved directly by the HMI without using additional equipment. This reduces down times and support time.

qa vision auswertung

qa keinfehler

Measuring limits can also be changed and adjusted by HMI at any time.

qa versetzterleiter

qa vision einstellungen

Statistic functions provide the opportunity to detect cause of failures faster.

qa vision statistics

Camera casing

Even in dusty or damp surroundings an encapsulation of the camera protect it against contamination, corrosion and heat impact.

Examples of use

Surface analysis

Check of completeness, contamination or the like.

qa vision kante-nio

Geometry checks

Measuring of lengths and angles of different objects.

qa vision geometriekontrolle

Directional fabric checks

Layer detection even of metallic surfaces with integrated directional fabric adjustment and subsequent check measurement.

qa vision drehlagenkontrolle

Attendance checks

Detecting and counting of falling midget objects by means of line scanning cameras.

qa vision anwesenheitskontrolle


Recording and readout of 2D-Matrix-codes on different materials e.g. on synthetics or copper.

qa vision 2dmatrix