QA attend­ed the 5th Drag­on Boat Race of Wof­fels­bach successfully

This year the team Quality-Dragons attended the Dragon Boat Race on the Rursee together with friends and relatives.

This year the team Qual­i­ty-Drag­ons attend­ed the Drag­on Boat Race on the Rursee togeth­er with friends and relatives.

It becomes notice­able dur­ing the race that we set a spe­cial focus on fight­ing spir­it and team­work in our com­pa­ny. Right from the first run it becomes obvi­ous that we are all sit­ting in the same boat. With the effort of mus­cu­lar­i­ty the Qual­i­ty Drag­ons row into the sec­ond com­pe­ti­tion race. At the end the team can proud­ly record the 8th posi­tion of 22 com­pe­ti­tion teams.

We have much fun at that day and we were again con­firmed that one can achieve a lot with team spir­it and sol­i­dar­i­ty. We are look­ing for­ward to the next challenge.