AI Forum at QA

On June 6, 2024, Quality Automation GmbH, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., hosted an innovative AI forum at QA's facilities. The event provided an excellent platform for discussing the latest developments and applications of artificial intelligence in the industrial sector.

The forum began with a warm welcome from the hosts of Quality Automation and Mitsubishi Electric. This was followed by a series of engaging presentations focusing on current and relevant topics in the field of industrial artificial intelligence. Participants had the opportunity to delve deeply into the subject matter and gain insights into innovative solutions that are shaping the industrial landscape.

High-Caliber Speakers and Current Topics

The event was particularly distinguished by the practical experience of the speakers, including experts from Quality Automation and Mitsubishi Electric. Their presentations covered a wide range of topics, from the use of modern, highly dynamic drives with AI support, AI controllers in production, to the use of AI in image processing.

Another highlight was the presentation of the SMKL software solution by Mitsubishi’s subsidiary ICONICS. SMKL stands for Smart Manufacturing Kaizen Level and involves collecting, processing, visualizing, and analyzing data in the industrial environment. The speakers demonstrated with practical examples how AI can help increase efficiency and productivity by enabling more accurate predictions and optimizing production processes.

Networking and Exchange

In addition to the informative presentations, the forum provided ample opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas. Participants could engage with the speakers and other experts during breaks and between presentations to establish valuable contacts and explore potential collaborations.


The AI forum at Quality Automation, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric and ICONICS, was a resounding success. It offered participants valuable insights into the latest developments and trends in industrial artificial intelligence. The event underscored the importance of cooperation and knowledge exchange to drive industrial transformation and shape the future of production.

The system partnership and cooperation established in 2007 led QA to become a Premium Solution Partner of Mitsubishi Electric in 2018. The interdisciplinary QA team not only ensures the qualified use of high-performance Mitsubishi Electric components in automation projects but also significantly contributes to the competency pool of the Automation Network through its extensive expertise. As a Premium Solution Partner, QA’s experts are particularly well-trained in Mitsubishi Electric technologies.