Failures that do not allow a quick elimination due to their complexity can also occur at existing plants in the course of time. This can be sporadic occurring failures or failures that are difficult to detect due to their speed or duration of presence. The necessary measuring equipment for this purpose will not be held available permanently in most companies due to the small chance of occurrence.

By using the necessary measuring equipment Quality Automation GmbH can find a remedy here in case of different kinds of failures as:

  • Process flow failures
  • Structural actions in case of hardware failures
  • Communication failures – Profibus diagnosis

Process flow failures

A trouble-shooting in case of worn out bearings, heat development caused by friction or other sources of defects that only occur during run-time often turns out to be difficult by using traditional methods. In order to offer a reliable fault localization the company Quality Automation GmbH has different recording equipment at its disposal.

By way of example it is possible to examine exactly fast sequences in slow motion by means of high speed-imaging or to detect heat absorption at different places by using thermal imaging in order to draw conclusions regarding sources of defects.

Next to recording equipment appropriate recording software offers assistance to record temporal circuit sequences of the SPS during run-time and to detect possible failures in the courses of signals.

Communication failures – Profibus diagnosis

A continuous supervision of the net makes an early detection of hidden failures of different kinds possible – in fact before communication drops out completely. The quality of bus systems depends on a variety of factors. Just sporadic occurring bus interferences or a complete bus drop are often reduced to damaged plug sockets, participants or EMV interferences. In addition modifications of plants and combined with bus enlargements or shortenings can lead to sources of defects in case of not adjusted bus parameter.

For localization and failure diagnosis necessary equipment especially for physical measurement is in need. Quality Automation GmbH possesses measuring equipment that enables an analysis, supervision, trouble-shooting and maintenance of PROFIBUS-systems.

Typical interferences during the operation of PROFIBUS-plants like loss of participant, communication failures, “overshooter” or even downtime of the plant are often caused by bus electrics und cabling. The signal conditions that help to detect and to eliminate failure causes quickly are presented clearly on the bus. Besides the throughput can also be improved by a targeted Profibus diagnosis.

Just before the acceptance of a new plant it is reasonable to perform a Profibus diagnosis as preventive failure avoidance in order to prevent a drop down in afterwards operation.

In the following it makes sense to check the bus quality at regular intervals in order to counteract a worsening of the bus physics in time and to avoid production downtimes.