SPS-Technician / Evening training - VDMA / ZVEI


Way of training ST7


The communicated knowledge corresponds to the advanced training SPS-Technician according to VDMA/ZVEI. The evening training deals with the contents of the courses ST-SERV1, ST-SERV2 and ST-7SPSTEP. The detailed course contents are available in the course descriptions of the named courses.

Course targets / content:

Course contents according to ST-SERV1 (hitherto ST-7SERV1), ST-SERV2 (hitherto ST-7SERV2) and ST-7SPSTEP

  • Introduction into the topic decentralized peripherals with practical training
  • Theoretical training as preparation for the exam
  • Practical training as preparation for the exam regarding the topics interrupt processing, data handling, analog value handling and failure finding
  • Exam for SPS-Technician


The training is held twice a week in the evenings and on chosen Saturdays. It ends with a one-day exam.

For further information or application please contact:

Michael Fritz

+49 (0) 2402.766 80 80 10
+49 (0) 163.865 888 0
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