SIMATIC S7 TIA-Service Training 1

Description / learning target:

The course conveys basic knowledge about the electrical and mechanical structure of automation systems, the configuration and parameterization of hardware, the handling with STEP 7-Basis-Software and fundamentals of programming. Furthermore, an outlook on operating and supervising, foundations of decentralized bus and handling of drives are given. The system idea of totally integrated automation is shown. After attending the course the attendant is able to make a diagnosis of simple HW failures, change devices and shorten non-operation periods. All topics are made clear by practical training with a model consisting of an automation system S7-300, decentralized bus ET200S, Touch Panel TP 170B, drive MM420 and a conveyor model. For preparation purpose you will get a do-it-yourself program "SPS-knowledge for beginners" as WBT and as follow-up the WBT "Micromaster 420".

Learning targets / content:

  • System overview and essential performance features of the system family SIMATIC S7
  • The components of the basic program STEP 7
  • Program work out in the automation system
  • Binary and digital operations
  • Designing and mounting of automation system
  • Addressing and wiring of signal modules
  • Hard- and Software-set up of automation system
  • Hardware configuration und -parameterization with S7-300
  • Recess of contents by training at the device
  • Presentaion of Touch Panel TP170B
  • Presentation of drive MM420
  • Design and parameterization of PROFIBUS DP
  • Saving and documenting of done program changes


The course is a component of the training SPS-Technician according to VDMA/ZVEI-guidelines.

Ways of learning:

ST1 - ST2 - ST3

For further information or application please contact:

Michael Fritz

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+49 (0) 163.865 888 0
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