Electronics development and assemblies

Special requests cannot always be solved with conventional automation systems. The electronics department of Quality Automation GmbH in Aachen, Germany, closes this gap and integrates customized electronic modules in the automation process which could be prototypes or small lots. Thus, it offers you the optimum solution to reach desired goals.

Electronics development

  • Circuit design
  • Components selection
  • Placement
  • Software development for microcontroller

The circuit diagram is created by using the CAD tool EAGLE. According to analysis issues a pure hardware solution or the use of a microcontroller can be focused.

Assembly production

  • Purchase of components for more flexibility
  • Production of prototypes and small lots
  • SMD-Placement
  • THT-Placement
  • Functions check
  • Installation and commissioning at the customer

All fabricated modules will be checked by an electrical function test after they pass an optical control. Dependent on complexity and number of units automated test systems will be used. After manufacturing and function test in the laboratory, if necessary the system will be integrated at the site and will be tested in real conditions before delivery takes place.

Repair service for our assemblies

Even after delivery of the systems the Quality Automation GmbH offers a support service. Defective components are repaired and completely tested returned to the customer. Special components will be stored to guarantee long-term support for all assemblies.

Test systems for electronic assemblies

To reach a maximum reliability the finished modules have to be tested in real conditions. To make this sure specially created assay systems are available.

  • Analysis of the tested components / signals
  • Microcontroller based measuring system
  • PC unit with C# for the visualization and creation of test reports