QA-TM-2-5-300-700 Thickness measurement


  • Contact-free thickness measuring by laser measurement technique
  • Automatic calibration and adjustment of the measurement system (pneumatic swing into of standard parts)
  • Servo driven positioning of laser head pair (variable measuring object width)
  • Fine adjustment units for system installation

Evaluation | Archiving | Visualization

  • Long-term registration of product- and batch data
  • Visualization of thickness profile online as well as of archive data
  • Product-, batch and quality based reporting possibility
  • Data export to Excel (CSV), data base


  • Complete integration into the production line
  • User-specific adjustments

Impressions os a sample device

Technical data

Supply voltage3 × 400V AC 50Hz
Surrounding temperature0°C – 50°C
Dimensions450 mm × 1104 mm × 1300 mm maximum height
Number of measuring traces2
Measuring area0 mm – 5 mm
Measurement inaccuracy0,08 %
Measuring object width300 mm  –  700 mm


UUltra-rapid and high-precision laser-distance measuring sensors according to the application for rough, transparent or reflective measuring objects.

Visualization of the thickness profile of the measuring objects.

Long-time archiving of measured data.

Complete integration into the production line with automatic sorting of measuring objects in tolerance groups.

The laser measurement heads use the triangulation measurement procedure in order to determine the position of the reflected light on an RS-CMOS component. The position of the measurement object is measured by detection of the alteration of the way.
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QA-TM-2-5-300-700 Thickness Measuring