QA-GS-2 GeoScan


  • Manual control of geometric shapes
  • Applicable for measurement tasks
  • Product type-administration
  • LabView- based measurement system
  • Simple calibration and adjustment of the measurement system by corresponding calibers
  • Fine adjustment units for system installation

Evaluation | Visualizationg

  • Optional – measuring with presentation of measuring data
  • Long-term registration of product- and batch data
  • Product-, batch and quality based reporting possibility
  • Data export to Excel (CSV), data base


  • Feasibility studies
  • User-specific adjustments

Technical data

Supply voltage1 × 230 V AC 50 Hz
Surrounding temperature0° C – 50° C
Dimensions500 mm × 500 mm × 110 mm maximum height
Geometry checkx- und y-axial measurement
Accurateness1 µm – 100 µm
Measurement inaccuracy5 %


Check of test object with limit lines

Calibration of the system with calibration pin
Download product folder:
QA QA-GS-2 GeoScan