Or how to step up your game and connect your machines
as much as your social media.

A Master thesis of Maximilian Aretz

Up to this day many machines and production lines are still not up to date with the newest technologies.

Connecting your machines to IoT Gateways provides a lot of advantages such as more transparency and easier maintenance. For his thesis Maximilian Aretz looks behind the scenes and realizes such a retrofit.

The thesis as a work in progress

Maximilian Aretz is a student at the University of Applied Science in Aachen in the department of Automation and propulsion technology. He works at QA since 2017 and already finished his Bachelor here. Now he started his master’s thesis. His chosen field of topic: the IoT Gateway. Equipped with the hardware and software for an IoT Gateway from Bosch Rexroth he is now testing and visualizing the possibilities and advantages of the Gateway. 

In the coming months he will start the process data analysis. This will include preparation and selection of data, the efficiency of the machine including nonoperation periods, production times, maintenance, errors and messages and preventive maintenanceas well as quality management and report generation. Additionally, he will work on messages and warnings via visualization systems, E-mails and MS-teams. 

The IoT Gateway

An IoT Gateway Software offers an efficient solution consisting of controlling hardware and software that provides the connection to the industry 4.0 without messing with the automation logic.For thisSensors must be added to machines to detect data like movements and ambience conditions. The IoT Gateway is used to the collect these data from the sensors. This data can then be evaluated but it must also be protected. The Gateway itself includes a firewall and VPN to provide network protection and secure communication.

New transparency with IoT Gateway Software

IoT Gateway Software allows you to get more transparency about machine and production data. The data can be fetched with real time monitoring of process data like temperature, pressure and vibrations. This data can be used to optimize production processes and helps to keep constant high quality.

Prognostic maintenance and service

Rule-based evaluation of specific information is a big help for predictive maintenance and service on machines and production lines. Additionally, it provides a save solution for remote maintenance while leaving the complete control with the machine operator. This way efforts and costs can be reduced.

In September, Kollmorgen hosted a partner event at its Ratingen European headquarters entitled ‘Together we can do more’. The two-day event offered plenty of room for discussions with other contract partners and provided in-depth technical knowledge about today’s automation solutions, as well as the innovations of tomorrow.

Amongst others Friedhelm Steffens could obtain first-hand information about the innovative, new generation of synchronous servo motors AKM2G.

As longstanding system partner and authorized dealer, we could already offer integrated solutions in the field of planning, engineering, commissioning and service as well as various software solutions since 2007. As premium system partner we are specially trained in Mitsubishi Electric technologies and can offer qualified training courses and services.

In 2017 the company Quality Automation GmbH supported once again the scholarship program of the FH Aachen. Within the scope of a so-called one year scholarship QA advances the student Patrick Lückel from the faculty electrical engineering.

Mr. Heinz Monnartz, Managing Director of Quality Automation GmbH, had the possibility to hand over the scholarship to Mr. Lückel on 11th November 2017 in the frame of a ceremonial act.

Mr. Monnartz was asked in an interview why the scholarships are so important to him and why he acts as a sponsor for now 7 years. First of all he wants to take over social engagements and then he would like to promote the networking of Quality Automation with the technical college and its students. Besides he always made good experiences. He only met interested and highly motivated students during that time und found it outstanding to enable the scholarship holders to gain insight into the practice. One of them, Mr. Benedikt von den Driesch, is employed by QA by now. Thus, the scholarship program serves as recruiting-instrument.

Mr. Monnartz also demonstrates creativity regarding scholarship placing. One of the scholarships was a donation to his 60. birthday. So, he was the first private person that sponsors a scholarship at the FH Aachen. Besides he gives a scholarship away on the occasion of a company anniversary of a friendly company in Garching, München.

Since 2011 Quality Automation finances a scholarship at the FH Aachen every year. It is a private concern of the founders and managing directors Heinz Monnartz and Michael Fritz to support young persons. This at least serves as support of young talents of Quality Automation GmbH.

„To support young talents is a task of society and also for the regional economy. It is important for our region to inspire the best talents for a job here“, says Heinz Monnartz in the annual report 2016/17 of the scholarship program of the FH Aachen.

See also the article about Heinz Monnartz in the scholarship program.

Daniel Meurer studies electrical engineering with field automating and drive engineering at the FH Aachen. For the realization of his practice project and the following bachelor thesis he chooses the company Quality Automation. A subject was quickly found: „Resistant Auto-ID system for product tracking“. By using that system different kinds of material media of an existing plant should be marked. The marks should contain the identification numbers of the material media and should serve for the classification of the process data.

The workpiece holders are subject to difficult operating conditions like high temperatures, acids and lacquering. The job was to develop a marking system that resists such conditions. The realization should be performed exemplarily from the taking of the code to the evaluation in an SPS.. Following the colloquium taking place in the room for training course at QA the examining professor Ulrich Hoffmann (FH-Aachen) and the co-examiner Friedhelm Steffens (QA) quickly find out that the performance should be evaluated with the top grade very good (1,0). The company Quality Automation compliments Mr. Meurer on the passed exam and looks forward to a possible cooperation in case of a master thesis.

The management proudly decorated the employees Ralf Kops and Andreas Limpens for their ten years old employment jubilee on this year’s Christmas party. From left to the right: Michael Fritz (Managing Director), Ralf Kops, Heinz Monnartz (Managing Director). Mr. Andreas Limpens unfortunately could not attend the ceremony.

The two managing directors of the company Quality Automation GmbH, Heinz Monnartz and Michael Fritz, cannot help to land the community kids of the carnival club 1. Walheimer K. G. 1973 e. V. warmly through the foolish season by donating QA vests.

A successful image film for the MBA degree course „Management and entrepreneurship“ of FH Aachen. Quality Automation does not only benefit from the excellent continuing education of single employees but can also present itself in the film by Mr. Heinz Monnartz one of the managing directors of the company.

Adrian Majewski studies Electrical Engineering in the field automation and drive engineering at the FH Aachen. For the realization of his practice project and the bachelor thesis constructed on it he chooses the company Quality Automation. A subject was found quickly: „Database supported building automation“. The subject building automation becoming more and more popular was newly planned by Mr. Majewski and was implemented with industrial automation components (SIMATIC SPS und HMI) according to the focal point of business of Quality Automation. Highlights of the bachelor thesis were the integration of the weather forecast into the heater control and the readout of the gas meter clock by a normal webcam. Now it becomes possible for the employees to operate the building automation by fixed touch panels or by their own PC. 

Subsequent to the colloquium taking place in the training centre of QA it quickly becomes certain for the examining professor Ulrich Hoffmann (FH-Aachen) and the second examiner Jonas Noethlichs (QA) that this effort can only be evaluated with the top grade (1,0). The company Quality Automation compliments Mr. Majewski to the passed examination and looks forward to a possible cooperation in case of his master thesis.